Tailor-made approach

We observe that our clients are not just looking for another source of the crew, but are mostly asking for a tailored solution as per their current needs.


Full recruitment process of qualified and experienced staff in accordance with the requirements of our clients and based on various international standards.

Crew Management

We provide full scope of crew management services, be it for particular vessels/positions or full fleets. We always aim to deliver highest standards of the crew provided as they can make a significant difference in how the vessel operates and how much it costs. We always pay particular attention to training and devoplment standards of the crew. We share the opinion that “if you think training is expensive, try an accident”.

Travel Management

Our in-house travel agency – Polaris Travels enables us to offer full range of travel solutions, for both the crew as well as the office staff.
It is not a secret that travel is an area where cost savings can and should be made.
Our travel agents have 25 years of experience in finding the most cost-effective solutions to get your workforce to their place of embarkation as well as place of origin in a professional and timely manner.
What makes our travel agency stand out from others is a fleet of crew shuttle cars which can be utilized anytime either for the purposes of airport transfers, full crew changes, individual routes. Those cars/busses provide highest standards of both safety and comfort for the travellers.
This gives us and our clients a high degree of flexibility to smoothly arrange crew changes which is invaluable in present day and age.
It is always our top priority to help you execute your planned crew ops. safely, smoothly and cost-effectively.


We provide full payroll administration.
That means we calculate and account for all the components of any payroll structure preferred by the client. From the very beginning when the data from the vessel is supplied, throughout any additions, deductions or modifications, up until the pay slip is created with online access granted both to the Managers as well as seafarers.
We handle all allotments, but also sick pay, social contributions any additional financial services like “cash to master” or pension funds.

Certification & Training Management

Our wide network of training providers allows us to arrange all, including the most specialized, trainings for our seafarers. Our coordinators are putting special care to arrange all trainings on time and in the most cost-effective way.
In addition, we are a filling agent for various Flag states and can arrange any visa required.


Wide range of insurance cover at competitive rates can be arranged for the crew.