About Us

our history and goals


Polaris Maritime Services Ltd, is one of the oldest crewing agency on Polish market started rendering its services in 1991.
It`s our aim from the very beginning to be a “one stop” agent, providing all necessary assistance for our clients. Our service starts from sourcing out candidates through trainings and certification arrangements up to bringing seafarer directly to the gangway of the vessel and payroll. During recent years we have successfully launched full crew management services. We are fully licensed crewing agency holding national MLC certificate and LRQA ISO 9001:2015 certificate since 1996 (attached).

Tailor-made approach according to business needs and service preferences is always our top priority. We observe that our clients, following market changes, are not just looking for another source of the crew, but are mostly asking for a tailored solution as per their current crewing situation. Our full crew management solution is able to fulfil and satisfy this specialist niche market.

Currently we provide workplace for about 1000 seafarers in different marine sectors including oil & gas and wind farms installations. This number places us as among the biggest Polish maritime crew manning agency in Poland. It`s worth to add that we are still independent entity able to work with all potential customers both in the fields of crew agency and crew management.

Polaris was one of the first Polish crewing agencies providing Polish seafarers for offshore market. Hundreds of our seafarers were placed onboard of different offshore vessels, rigs and other installations.

Plenty of talent to choose from

As per Polish Maritime Administration we have about 40.000 active seafarers which shows how dense and attractive is Polish market for shipowners and ship managers. We have two very modern and well established Marine Universities from which a 300 students, engineers, electricians and navigators, are graduating from. This shows a great and stable potential for building up crews which are well educated and prepared for working onboard of any type of the vessels, even these most sophisticated

Polaris Travels

Our in-house travel agency – Polaris Travels supports our daily operations in all respects including flights, bus transfers, ferry connections and hotel accommodation whenever required.