Online application

Create new application account

To create application account please open the eMariners start page: and click <Register seafarer application> button. The "Register Seafarer" form will be opened, which is used to create application.
Input valid email address, password and retype password (this must contain at least 10 characters). The activation email will be send, which contains activation link. After activation, the seafarer can open and fill up the application.

Application data

Application fields are placed into one big sheet, with following sections:
1. Basic data
2. Licences
3. Certificates of competency and flag documents
4. Courses
5. Education
6. Languages
7. Sea service
8. References - contract details
9. Additional personal details

On the bottom of application there is a confirmation checkbox and <Submit> button to save data into our database. After this button is clicked, the data are stored into our database and will be process by Polaris staff.

Working with application

The seafarer can always open the application . After logging into the application seafarer will see the application view, which can be edit and corrected by clicking the <Edit> button on the top right corner of the window. After each correction, our operators will see the application record as corrected and required to process.

Removing the application

The seafarer can remove the application, which will remove any application data from the database. If the preson exists in our database as seafarer, the data of seafarer will be not removed.

Application and seafarer account

When the application is confirmed the data are stored to Polaris main database. The application account will contain now application data and seafarer data. The seafarer can switch between application and seafarer view by clicking the buttons in top right corner. The seafarer desk section contain informations about seafarer, contracts, etc.